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Pray about
 ...the student Life Group that will start on September 6th.  Jana and I are leading, and we don't really know what's going to happen.
...the pastor of Dover Community Church, another church in our association, is critically ill and is resigning from his position.  The church is already struggling with little hope.  Pray that God will rebirth this church or begin a new one in that area where there is such a need.
...the pastor of Priest River Baptist Church, another church in our association.  That church has had some major personality problems in the past and is also struggling at this time.  Pray for the encouragement of the pastor and his wife as they try to restore a once healthy and growing church.
...Two new believers.  Two adult men have come to Christ at Northstar in the past couple of weeks!  Pray that they will become a vital part of the community. groups.  Our church is abandoning traditional Sunday School in order to begin a home group structure of discipleship.  This is totally new to almost everyone, so please pray that everyone will show wisdom and patience as we learn.


  1. I am praying for you today!

  2. The pictures are lovely especially Jana. Will be praying for you. Love, Mom

  3. pretty pictures! continuing to pray!

  4. thanks for the updates, i'm sure the sunday school to life groups transition will be a challenge.

    you're in our prayers.

    --RC of


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