Ministry at Ironman competition gains an open door in Idaho

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Northstar Church in Hayden, Idaho, ministered to Ironman triathlon competitors in June, after two North American Mission Board missionaries helped open doors for the outreach. Photo courtesy of Northstar Church

 Jana got her picture in the BP!  That's her on the right.

So it's a really old story, and they didn't get the name of the town right (why would the Coeur d'Alene Ironman competition be in Hayden?)  Still!  Jana's picture is in it!

I don't know why they didn't ask me for a quote.  I actually went on a appreciation cruise with the president of Ironman and a bunch of other dignitaries.  Doesn't that count for something?

Seriously though, it was a huge deal and just the beginning of how we want to impact this community.  Plans are already in the works for next year, so please pray that God will use this ministry to draw people to him.


  1. how fun...that's wierd how they messed up the town name.

    congrats jana!

  2. well that is bennett's arm i am gazing at

  3. I've got a headline for your paper...

    "Jana Sanderson visited by two hott MS/TX Chicas!"

  4. jana is a celebrity now :) we will update soon. promise. we're going to mom's this weekend. we will take some pics :) love yall! send us our wedding video!!! PRONTO!!!!

  5. well, hayden is easier to cpell.

    glad to hear things are going well for you guys.

  6. must be in love with Bennett if you just gaze at his arm in the middle of the day :)

    love the blog!


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