in Him we are made new

This is Leanna who I have told many of you about. I met her during our second week in Idaho, and she accepted Christ as her Savior. She wanted to be baptized in the river because that's where Christ was baptized. Please pray that her desire to be like Christ will continue to grow every day. She has been staying with her grandparents for the summer and will soon go home for the school year. Pray that she will find a church where she can worship God and learn more about him.


  1. is she from Idaho or another state? will pray.

  2. That's cool!

    Hey, I'll be in Idaho in three days!

  3. you should try to get her hooked up with the local baptist association in her town because they can help her find a church and also find a children's minister that will reach out to her family...just a thought


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