Dover Baptist

Dover Baptist Church- one of the four churches in our association. Pray that God would supply a pastor for this church so they will not have to shut their doors. Over fifty years ago this building floated up the river. It is a historical landmark.


  1. They floated it up the river on purpose, by the way. I think the who town moved for some reason. Some people who have looked at the condition of the building believe it needs to be pushed back into the river.

  2. that's very looks like an interesting church building, i'd be interested to know about what's going on inside the building...

    why are they closing it's doors...ppl? $$? ???

  3. the ppl don't want to spend $$$

    Acctually a builder made an offer to build them a new building on a new site, but they refused because of the historicity of the building.

    It is right next to a large upscale development. In the next 5 years there might be 100's of new homes within 3 miles of this church.

    The pastor is the youngest member of the congregation, and he is stepping down due to a critical illness. So there you go.


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