our first idaho camp-out

We went camping Friday night in the mountains. This was my second night to ever sleep in a tent. Our friends told us about this spot in the National Forest with an incredible view of the lake. The place really was amazing, and we never saw a soul. Luckily in the middle of nowhere we had cell phone reception!

We made smores!

and looked for mountain goats- no luck.


  1. these pictures are very, very beautiful! looks like you guys had a super time out in nature :-)

  2. As long as there are no snakes...I'm there. I'm serious, though, Jana. NOOOOOOO snakes! And this can't be one of your "tricks" to get me to do something against my will. NO SNAKES!!!!

  3. hey guys. we have a blog now. i just gotta figure out how to use it :) this post inspired me. i think i want to go camping now. love yall!


  4. bennett, something about the smores picture makes it look like your smoking.

  5. I thought the same thing about the smores picture.

    Hey guys. Man, I am behind on keeping up with the big potato. I have enjoyed all of the photos. AND, I cried when I read of Gayle's profession of faith. I love that story.

    I love the two of you. Hope everything is going well!

    Bye for now.


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