Special Report: First look at the Apartment

Well, here are a few pics now that we've unpacked

The living room

The dining room (actually all one room)

Kitchen (last three pics taken from the same spot)

Master Bedroom

Guest bedroom/office


Laundry room

That's all for now hope you enjoyed the tour.


  1. Personally, I loved the tour. It's so much fun to see other people's homes...makes you feel closer, you know. Y'all have done a wonderful job decorating and setting up your apt. I love your living room furniture. And your apt. floorplan rocks! Keep up the good work...you've got skillz!

  2. OH FUN! Your apartment looks great! My room is super cute too! The end tables and the shelf look good in the living room! Glad you got it all set-up!

    Oh, and I didn't mind the text message. It made me laugh. But you and Bennett don't get any ideas, because THAT is never gonna happen!

    love you guys!

  3. Apartment looks great! Thanks for giving us a look. Looks like you took Mississippi heat to Idaho!

  4. Again super job. Looking at my home right now I need you to come for a visit so I will get on the stick and clean things up. Bennett knows how I put off doing things. Being retired has not improved my house keeping skills. That guest bed doesn't look big enoough for Bobby and Me. I guess I will leave him at home. HEHEHE!!!

  5. looks wonderful! Looks like you did a great job setting it up...makes me miss the fact you guys aren't at "the bend" :-(

  6. One think I noticed...the wall hanging (formerly above the couch on Meredith and at the Bend) is now on the floor. It looks good, and I guess you don't get enough foot traffic in the guest room to matter, but I'm surprised it's not hanging up somewhere.

  7. Wow, it's so nice, cosy, cute and made with lots of love! I like it so much!


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