Block Party

"I am cooking hot dogs"


If there were more slides like this, Nintendo wouldn't have a job.

Westwood Baptist Church from Tennessee made some grood snow dogs and hot cones! Nummy.

There were around 200 folk who came to the block party. Largely due to the advertising campaign of Westwood. They passed out like 2,000 flyers all over the town. During the party at least one person prayed to accept Christ. (I say "at least" because I don't have the full story and don't want to be accused of over-reporting. I think it was a man and wife.) Many more contacts were made. As we had set out to do, we served the community in a meaningful way.


  1. that sounds wonderful, although i think i'd pass on hot cones...yuck, sounds kind of gross.

  2. Reading your blog is so encouraging! It sounds the like the Lord is working in a mighty way up there. Press on!

  3. Nice pics! I decided to sign your blog at the ungodly hour as to which I had to awake for my flight. It's only 1:45 a.m. in Idaho!


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