Baptism @ Northstar

The younger boys wanted to get a good view of the baptism.

Gayle wants people to know that Jesus loves her and she loves Him too!

A few weeks ago this little girl and her dad accepted Christ! The church has been praying for this family ever since the mother was baptized and joined the church shortly after it was started over a year ago. The father had been struggling with many life choices and spiritual decisions he had to make and finally was captured by the love of Christ. He gave his heart to Christ and wanted to be baptized. Gayle wanted to be baptized ever since she saw her mom do it. But because of her severe mental handicap, her mother and the pastor thought it would be best to wait to see if she could come to a better understanding of the Gospel.

Well, once her father accepted Christ, Gayle was adamant that she wanted to be baptized along with him. I was invited to come in and be a witness to the conversation Scott, our pastor, had with Gayle and her mother. Tom, our worship pastor, joined us also. I have to say it was amazing. In my mind, forever, this will illustrate the faith of a child. I wish you could have heard the sound of her voice when Scott asked her if she loved Jesus. "YES!!! I dooo! And He loves me too!" She had a look in her eye like she had just remembered that there would be no school tomorrow or that there was one more gift under the Christmas tree. You know, that really big last gift you almost forget about? She placed her hands together and pushed them under her chin raising her shoulders high and turning her face to one side, "I love Him, and He loves me!"

I've never seen that look or heard that joy in the voice of a theologian. Adults and most children become too self conscious to outwardly love something so intently, even for just a moment. Gayle taught all of us in the room something about the heart of God.

Scott asked some more questions and explained what baptism meant. Gayle wanted people to know about her love relationship with the Father. Scott asked Tom then me if we had any problem with Gayle being baptized into membership at our church. I almost felt ashamed to have even the opportunity to say no. We both humbly consented.

Ultimately, it is up to Christ, who judges every soul. Still, I have little doubt that we will see Gayle in heaven. I suppose she will have a new body with a mind that is whole, but I hope that her voice will stay the same. I think it might. Because when we heard those words in Scott's office, it sounded a little like Heaven. "God loves me, and I love Him too!"


  1. how absolutly wonderful!!!

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. That is a beautiful story! Thanks!

  3. jana this story made me cry. i'll keep praying for you both as the Lord uses you in Idaho. keep me posted.

    also,'s 974 days until graduation...i only wish it were 97...


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