God Steals the Show

Last night we gathered with thousands of others to watch the Coeur d'
Alene fireworks show over the lake.  It was pretty good, but what
really made people shout was the lightning in the background.  The
fireworks made us ooh and ahh, but the lightning made us gasp in
wonder.  I think that paints such a good picture of what will happen
when people can compare the world's truth with God's truth.  The world
puts on this big display begging us to watch. "Here is what is
beautiful.  Here is what is amazing!"  And it is very beautiful and
amazing.  But God, regardless of our attentions, demonstrates who He
is.  If we happen to be lucky or blessed enough to see it, then we will
know that this is real beauty; this is true amazment.  Something so
beautiful it is terrifying...  Something so amazing we forget to breathe... 
Fireworks demonstrate how man has tried to tame nature and put its
power to work.  Lightning demostrates how man has failed to tame
nature.  God's power is utterly wild and fiersome.  Wild and fiersome
and it brings me joy.


  1. Wow, that is really awesome. I can identify with that story a little. I experienced something sort of like that on a weekend when I took a backroad route down to birmingham when going to see Amy, Floyd, and Mama Sue :) It was just amazing to see because the afternoon showers had covered the hills in fog and God showed me some really beautiful scenery that just made me practically stop in the middle of the deserted backroad and stare into the valleys and country sunset.


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