Why the electric guitar was invented?

Since about the 1930's the Christian world has been faced with a worldview shaking dilemma concerning the character of God.  If God is all-powerful, all-knowing, and absolutely loving toward his creation, then why, oh my soul, did He allow the creation of the electric guitar?  This question has befuddled red-faced, tight collared clergy and purple-haired, white gloves alike.  What Heaven honoring purpose could such an instrument have?

Now I'm no rock music hater.  I quite appreciate it actually.  Just, like most things, I've always seen it as a neutral force in our world that can be used for good or evil.  Of course, most often it has accompanied what many of us would consider more or less, evil.  Did I qualify that enough?  I mean when you talk about rock, especially electric guitar laden hard rock, you immediately get images of tongue wielding, animal biting, frizzy haired, crazies that are one chemical experiment away from becoming a VH1 special.  I should also mention that electric guitars are way too closely associated with one of the biggest evils of our time: leather pants.

On the other hand, I have heard many attempts by well-meaning people to use the electric guitar for good.  From Christian teens that didn't know any better to pure-hearted adults trying to "relate" to culture, there have been many attempts to incorporate this instrument into the Christian culture with varying success.  Others are much better equipped to discuss the background of this phenomenon and its diverse effects on Christian culture.  There is only one reason I am bringing up this discussion.

I have discovered the answer.

Why was the electric guitar invented?  The answer has been given by the David Crowder* Band.  Album: Church Music.  Song: God Almighty, None Compares.

I have heard rock music applied to all sorts of things from the inanely shallow (Kid Rock) to some more heavy issues (U2), but DC*B has cleared away the dross and secondary issues and gotten to the main point of the reason for all things--the Glory of God.  I cannot tell you how much this song appeals to my insides.  I'm a terrible reviewer so I won't try to break the song down.  All I can say is, when I listen to this song, I think of Heaven.  I think of worship.  I think of community.  Most of all I think of the immeasurably great, infinitely glorious, perpexingly powerful majesty and beauty of our King Jesus.  When I listen to this song in my car alone, I turn the knob up until it will turn no more.  I set the cruise control so I will not be tempted to speed.  I bellow out the lyrics and sing along with the guitar solos trying to match note-for-note.  By the end I am breathing hard, crying, sometimes weeping.  It takes my mind places that it cannot long remain.  But as soon as it is over I want to return.

Now that I've raved over this one song, I should also point out that this entire album is simply a masterpiece.  The best way to hear it is to listen the whole way through repeatedly.  If you are like me you will love it more each time you hear it.  It makes you want to be still, to laugh, to dance, to pray, to love. 

You can try sampling it at DC*B's website.  But I really think you should just buy the CD or download the album.  If you ask me I might let you borrow it.


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