what have we been up to?

having fun with friends. loving our new toy house from memaw and popsie.

super bowl partying it

eating ice cream with the girls after bunco night

playing dress up with some of mom's old baby clothes

It's been a fun February. Our first February here consisted of not seeing the sun for about 40 days. However, this one has been pretty different. We've actually had some really nice days. Like Tom said today, on a beautiful sunny Idaho day, "This is why we live in the NorthWest."

We are really excited about what God has in store for our lives here and ministry at NorthStar. For the past month I have been co-teaching a ladies Beth Moore study on the Psalms on Wednesday mornings. God is using this study to draw new women and families into our community at NorthStar, and I'm excited about that.

This is the first time I have taught a study since moving here to Idaho, and I am loving the new challenge. I believe the enemy loves to keep us silent as long as he can, and I decided to trust God to use me and set the fear aside.

Next week we're going to visit the great state of Texas. It's been almost 3 years since we packed up that big moving truck and drove across the country. We are excited about taking L to see the coffee shop where we had our first date and the parking lot beside the laundry room where we had our first kiss :) We're also looking forward to connecting with dear friends that we miss so much. Look out Texas here we come.


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