Monday Afternoon

I don't know about you, but for me Monday afternoons can be difficult.  As a minister I pour a lot of energy into Sunday.  I spend the week preparing for and thinking about Sunday.  Then when Sunday is over I spend Monday morning recovering and responding.  The afternoon comes and as I tick through the tasks I've given myself to do I seem to lose steam.  So this Monday I'm taking a break to think about some of what God has done.

For privacy's sake I won't name names or too many details, but let me mention some stories.  There's a middle-aged couple in our church who accepted Christ about two years ago and have become a faithful part of our church.  Another retired couple started attending church again for the first time in decades and were baptized this year.  Another lady got plugged in to a small group and as a result re-entered church after a long absence.  One retired couple (see a theme here?) started looking for a church after the husband survived a serious heart attack.  They found NorthStar.  The wife hated the music.  But the husband found in NorthStar a church that taught the same Gospel he had surrendered to as a child.  God kept bringing them back and today the wife loves the music and is growing in the Word!  This summer a man started attending church after surrendering to Christ on his own at home.  He got baptized and joined the church before the end of the year.  A young couple from our mother church got relocated to CDA and have become a committed family in our church.  A lady who is strong in her faith moved here to be near one of her children.  She has experience in being part of a new church and is a great encouragement to everyone.  We've had visitors that don't just come once and check out.  We've had young couples show an interest in our church.  We have a man who rides his bike through the snow each week just to worship with us.  Another lady who walks and faithfully comes to every service we offer.  God has blessed us with people who can sing and play instruments.  We have people who faithfully take care of running the Power Point and sound board.  We have a financial secretary who volunteers her time to keep the church running.  Attending our church we have recovering alchoholics, single moms, special needs children, divorcees, adoptive parents, adopted children, parents soon to adopt, widows, unemployed, underemployed, and even some who have yet to accept Christ!  And I am thankful for each one of them.  I am thankful for the chance to lead them to God's word to be changed forever. 

I hope God has given you some good things too.

James 1:17
"Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows." (NIV)


  1. Jana,
    The picture cube is called the "Hello Baby Photo Cube" and it is made by Sassy. They have them on Amazon but I'm pretty sure my sister go it for Noah at Target or Babies R Us. Sassy is the same company who makes the "Who loves Baby?" books where you can slip photos in. Either one (or both) would be great for Laurel to have your families far away.



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