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update from the sandersons

“What’s in Idaho besides potatoes?” This is a frequent question that I have been asked over the past few days. Well, there are about one million, five hundred thousand people in Idaho. What else is in Idaho? A church that was started a little over one year ago named Northstar in one of the fastest growing counties in America. And what else? A Field. “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.”

Bennett and I knew when we were married that we both wanted to serve in an area where there was a need. There is an enormous and overwhelming need in Northern Idaho for people to hear the Gospel, and after much prayer and seeking godly counsel from our friends and church, we feel this is where God wants us to move and plant our lives.

Our plans are to come home to Mississippi for the last few weeks of May, and then come back to Fort Worth, pack up our apartment, rent a moving truck, and continue on the incredible journey we began together on December 30th of 2005. We will drive across country in order to get there for Bennett’s first day on staff on July 1st.

I am excited about moving across country, and then there are days when I think to myself, “Oh my goodness, I am moving across the country.” This is however an act of faith I am willing to make not just for the need or the one million and five hundred thousand people but for the sake of my Savior’s great name. It will be an act of faith because we will be required to raise part of our support. The church and partners of the church will pay us a housing allowance; however, we will raise the remaining part of our salary.

Please pray for us during the remaining weeks. Pray that God would continue to unify our hearts for His one purpose. Pray that He will supply the means for us to move there and live. Pray that He will be glorified in Northern Idaho, that His name will be exalted there, and that people will be drawn unto Himself.

I can not forget what one of our seminary professors told us a few weeks ago when we met with him for dinner, and we were considering the move. “You’re young. It’s an adventure. Go and have fun.” Oh yeah. That’s what we plan to do.

We love you and are thankful for you,

Jana and Bennett


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