Sorry for the deluge of updates, but we've kinda been out of pocket for like three weeks.

*Warning: this post contains some boring details. It may require some skimming!*


We came back to Majestic Avenue and saw 4-5 foot walls of packed snow lining the streets, medians, and driveways. Amazingly ours was the only driveway on the street that was free from snow and ice. Our neighbors hooked us up, and since we weren't home to drive on it, no ice got packed down onto our driveway. It snowed another 10 inches the other night. Now finally, it has warmed up enough for a lot of the snow to melt and for icy roads to clear. Unfortunately, that leads to flooding.


The melt off has eased our fears over a collapsing roof at home and at the church. Our furnace has developed a sickness that causes it to never turn off. The heat goes on and off like normal according to the thermostat, but the fan is constantly running. I'm playing mr. fixit and ordered a part that I hope will fix the problem.


There is a whole lot of goings on going on at the church. The congregation voted to nominate some new overseers (you may call them elders). I may post later about our process for overseer selection, but for now just know that the church is considering affirming two men as new overseers.

The really big news is that we have a man coming to preach in view of a call this Sunday. I won't share much publicly about him at this time, but we are all very excited about what God is doing. I've been filling the role of preacher for over a year now, and getting a new pastor means some big changes. While that is exciting, it can be very challenging as well. Please be in prayer for us as we navigate new territory.

Add to that prayer list wisdom as we reorganize the children's ministry, move forward in youth ministry, and start up our men's visitiation ministry.

Daughter is doing wonderfully. She surprises us each day with new skills and performances. Of course, it doesn't take much to impress us. We gave her a standing ovation the other day because she went from sitting to laying (some call this falling over) all by herself without banging her head on the floor. We have a back log of video that needs to be processed before we post it here, but stay tuned!

Jana was pretty sick when we got back from Mississippi, but Monday she started feeling much better. Not being able to leave the house for a few days almost drove her crazy, but the roads are clearing now. She and Baby are getting back into their social schedule soon.

And me? I'm fine. I read This Present Darkness over Christmas. I recommend it. Also read Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. No surprises there. I got a lot of great books for Christmas that I can wait to read. So yeah, like I said, I'm fine.

Have a great day!


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