Christmas in Dixie- Part One

We're home, and there is lots of snow all around. We were blessed by some sweet neighbors who took care of the house while we were gone. Here are some pics from our time down south. Enjoy.

My dad flew down to NO to pick us up when we flew down south. He also took us all around the state of MS while we were home, and we were so thankful. He loves his new granddaughter. When she enters the room, it's like everyone else disappears. I think if he was having a conversation with the President he would stop in the middle of his sentence to play peek-a-boo with his grandbaby.

We had the pic of them in the plane framed, and he was so proud. I think he probably has her flight school arrangements made too. Thanks Dad for being an incredible Papaw. L loves her engraved Teething ring :)


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