Real ministry update

I realize I haven't told you what's happening in ministry for a few weeks.

Pastor Search
It turns out the guy that the search team brought wasn't the guy for NorthStar.  So we are still diligently seeking new leadership for NorthStar.

Children's Ministry
We are working on beefing up our children's programming by providing consistent childcare during the service each week.  We are also working on long range plans for implementing a children's Bible study time.

Men's Ministry
The men are meeting once a month to eat breakfast and discuss men's ministry opportunities.  Last week I made sausage and biscuits, and we had like 10 men or so.  We are looking into doing a spring retreat and a summer fishing trip.

Women's Ministry
There is an unofficial women's ministry team that has been cooking up some ladies event's.  They will host a Wednesday morning Bible study.  They're also planning on going to a Beth Moore conference in the Spring.  Crossover Church over in Washington is in the preliminary stages of planning a possible North Idaho Women's retreat for the ladies of our church, our area, and our association.  That's pretty exciting.

Youth Ministry
We've continued to meet on Sunday nights, but we've moved our meeting place back to the church.  We still have a core group of about four students coming with about four more attending sporadicly.  Please pray for us in this area.  It's REALLY hard!  But, if it was easy, everyone would do it.

Life Groups
Life Groups have continued to be stable.  The group we lead is doing a study that includes spiritual gifts and how to incorporate them into the church.  There are people in the church who still need to start attending a small group, so please pray that we are doing everything we need to to make that happen.

One of our members is overseas serving as a Journeyman.  She has been on the field for half a year now.  Please pray that our church will continue to encourage her, and that see will see God work where she is.

That's all for now.  If you have questions about what the Sandersons are doing in North Idaho please leave a comment or send us an email.


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