We are Southern Baptist

We don't hate women.  We don't hate gays.  We are no longer racists.  We don't want to turn the country into a theocracy.  This is what we do:

Communities pounded by Hurricane Ike last weekend are still experiencing a major infrastructure crisis. Water, sewage, electricity and fuel supplies have all been impacted. Even gas stations that have fuel are unable to sell it without power. Residents, unable to heat or cool food, are limited to canned items and what they obtain from charitable groups.“These kinds of issues are the reason we have trained our units to go into an area and be self-sustaining,” said Caison. “We have our own fuel. We bring in large tanks of water and have the ability to purify water. We bring generators.”

If you don't know about Southern Baptist Disaster Relief, I suggest you get up to speed. Make a donation. If you are Southern Baptist, consider getting trained so you too will be ready to respond when disaster strikes.  

Don't ask if it is God's will for us to help those in need.  I'm telling you, IT IS.

Don't ask where God is when bad things happen.  Ask where his church is.  We know the storms are coming so lets get ready.


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