Papaw's visit

L is two months old today, and time is flying. My dad came for a short visit to escape Gustav. But I think it was a good excuse to come see his precious granddaughter. While he was here we finally caught a good picture of L's smile and you can notice that the hair is falling down a bit. She is doing great, sleeping through the night, and providing lots of entertainment for her new parents. During the day she likes to ride around the neighborhood in her stroller, play on her jungle play-mat, and listen to mom read stories. She is getting really good at sitting in church services and prayer meetings- a good little preacher's kid we think.


  1. Aww...seeing that cute little smile made me smile. I can't wait to meet her one day. I love ya'll!

  2. One excuse is as good as another, PaPaw! Somehow I don't really think it took a hurricane to chase you to Idaho, though. Sure is a cute lil gal you're holding there...she's changing so quickly!

  3. See! I told you, you were going to have an angel! Collin is almost 7 months old and still wakes up every couple hours at night!!! LUCKY ME! She is a doll Jana. I still need to see her. We need to play.


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