RA's of Kentucky

Jana and I received a card from the RA's of FBC Morganfield, Kentucky. It is a handmade card with a printout of praying hands glued on the front.

On the inside right fold they transcribed Acts 1:8. The "M" in "my" is decorated with three crosses rising from the three points of that letter. On the lower left is a sticker with a picture of a cartoon bear catching a fish that reads, "U can do it!"

On the left fold they signed their names. Micheal adds, "Love in Christ"
Judd used a big red marker and slanted his name across the whole page. Noah and Sharbey (I think) made sure their names lined up properly along with the last guy who really needs to work on his penmanship. (I understand, my only C in grade school came in handwriting.)

I share this with you all to let you know that there is still something special about being Southern Baptist. The way we are doing church means that we are connected with a small group of boys in a small town in Kentucky. They prayed for us. They know that there is a church in Northern Idaho where we have the same goal as their church. The boys are learning what it means to be Kingdom minded. I'm not saying there aren't major problems we need to face and overcome. I'm just saying there is a lot there worth striving for.

Even as a family that raises its support our decision to be and remain Southern Baptist has given us better opportunities for networking, gathering resources, and establishing our identity. NAMB (the SBC agency overseeing mission work in North America) gave a grant to our church for the past two years to help support us. My home church has helped support us through the Mississippi Baptist Convention (SBC affiliated). Globe Outreach itself is a ministry designed to work within and alongside SBC work. Through our association we have to opportunity to cooperate with, encourage and learn from other churches near us. Lifeway hooks us up with materials we can trust. Plus there are lots of other resources at our disposal when we need them--mostly FREE. I could go on.

So, thanks to some RA's in Kentucky, I am proud to be a Southern Baptist today.


  1. How neat that boys in Kentucky are doing things that you did when you were a RA. Wouldn't it have been even more fun if you knew that person that you were praying for. I am going to print this out and give it to the RA leader here at FBC. I think this is really neat. Love MOM


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