Searching for a View

When buying a house, especially in a place like North Idaho, you really want to look for a place with a view. They aren't hard to come by. Out on the prairie where we live you can look in any direction and see mountains. All you have to do is find a house without trees or other buildings blocking the view. For a little bit better views you can drive up one of the mountains. There you will find some houses perched on the side of the mountain with vistas overlooking the prairie with mountains beyond or even a river or lake. For really spectacular views, though, you have to put forth some effort. If you really want to see something memorable you'll have to drive or hike to places where they haven't yet attempted to build any houses. You might have to wake up early to see the sun rise or camp out overnight so that you can see the sunset. Just for a good view some people will put themselves through the risk and pain of climbing at high elevations and extreme temperatures.

I'm learning that hearing from God is the same way. If you really want to hear from God you might have to make some sacrifices. If you want to know his vision for your life you might have to search for it. You might have to go through some difficulties to finally understand the next step in his plans. If you want to hear his voice you might have to get really still and block out the many distractions the world is offering. You might have to strain your ears and hold your breath. You might have to climb and overcome the mountains of your past to find out how to handle the present. You might have to cut down a tree of sin or demolish a building of selfishness in order to have a view of God's light. In order to really find that thing you've been missing you might have to get down on your hands and knees, lay your heart on the floor, and search through the dirt and grime until you see it.

Some days I wake up and think, "What in the world am I supposed to do today? I've done everything I can think of for you Lord. What else can I come up with to try to make things happen?" I'm learning that those thoughts are folly. They are questions taught to me by the world. The world (our society anyway) believes that in order to have meaning you have to produce, you have to "leave your mark" or "make a difference" in the world. I am firmly convinced that the Bible teaches that God is much more concerned with what you are than what you produce. For proof just think of the widow's mite or all those parables Jesus told about the position of the heart.

So now when I wake up, I ask God, "What in the world am I supposed to be today?" More often than not I find the answer, if I really listen. I'm finding that when I am listening God is telling me the exact thing every day, "Be mine." That is a comforting thought. A comforting thought for me, indeed.


  1. Great blog! I like how you made the connection between the view of your house and vision!

  2. bennett,

    this post caught me at the perfect time...i guess it sort of caught me at a rough's been a rough week a work already and things haven't been going so hot the past week and half and i'm searching for "solutions" and find myself critical of myself for not knowing how to be successful.

    this post of yours here, honestly brought me to slight was the words i needed to hear and be blessed with.

  3. Great post, Bennett. I hope you don't mind if I reference it on my blog so others can read it! Thanks for the words God has spoken to me through you!

  4. Good stuff!
    cs in tx


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