Is there yard work in hail?

Monday evening I had a unique experience. I now own a home which means I get to cut grass. I bought a used push-mower for $34. So Monday evening I decided to put it to the test. The weekend had been beautiful with temperatures into the 70's, but when I went out to mow I had on jeans, a long sleeve shirt, and my super warm SWBTS hoodie. The wind was a steady 15-20 mph out of the west and very cold even though the sun was shining brightly. In the distance I could see storm clouds, so I tried to hurry and get each section of my yard done before rain hit.

As I was contemplating the ridiculousness of mowing grass in the freezing cold I felt something cold hit my cheek. I looked around me without slacking my pace and I saw tiny pieces of ice bouncing of my mower. The sun was still shining and the wind was still blowing, and all around me tiny white meteorites were striking the ground. I know that when it is raining or lightning you are not supposed to cut the grass, but I've never heard whether or not there is yard work in hail.

Here is an update from NorthStar Church. If you would like it emailed to you let me know.


  1. Great blog post title. HA!

    Will you post some pics of your new home???

  2. I do not think you can consider them meteorites.


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