I saw the movie Amazing Grace. It made me think a lot about social change and whatnot.

As Christians, why are we doing what we are doing? Is Heaven our only goal? Have you thought about why God is doing what He is doing? Surely, God's ultimate goal is not to collect all of the nice, well-mannered, moral people of the world to himself. Surely, He is not watching the masses cry out in pain only to look away and dote on those who have been honored to hear about Jesus.

The world (some of it) points a finger at God and screams out, "Why aren't you doing anything?"

The answer is that He has done and is doing just the right thing.

The problem is there are many things that appear to be a good solution to the world's problems. More technology, better medicine, free education, more laws, less taxes, free trade agreements, better weapons, gun control... the list never ends. But none of those things will permanently heal the hurts of mankind. They are bandages on wounds that will not heal.

The only cure for mankind is the Hope that is delivered through Jesus Christ. THE ONLY CURE. This Hope is the solution to the AIDS epidemic, the drug crisis, war, terrorism, human trafficking. This Hope is the only solution because it is the only thing that gets at the cause of evil, pain and suffering. That is, SIN. Any solution that does not deal with sin only gives temporary and therefore false hope.

We discussed this in our Life Group last week. This realization is difficult because we as Christians can no longer complain. We are not in a position to claim it is someone else's responsibility. If we believe we have the truth and that Truth is the only solution to the world's problems we must become unflagging in sharing in implementing that Truth. We cannot whine about how bad the terrorists are. Of course, they are evil, they don't know Jesus. We cannot self-righteously rant about how Hollywood, the environmentalist, and Bill Clinton are ruining our society. We have to stop being so surprised that evil exist and despairing in the face of it. We have to begin (or join those already doing it) taking and giving out the medicine that we know will soothe the hurts of the world.

Missions is not a recruitment campaign for God. We are not trying to get people to "join our team" or switch to our party. Our mission is God's mission. His mission is to re-connect the Human race to Himself, thus defeating sin and its effects.

"What the world needs now is love, sweet love."

"God is Love"

That's why we need to tell people about Jesus.


  1. Keith and I saw the movie Amazing Grace today. We thought it was great.

  2. This is cousin Harris. RIGHT on preacher people!! Very appropriatly said for this week.

  3. hey, i really like your thoughts here...and in fact, would love to here your thoughts as you explore them more...especially in terms of how to let the truth shine out of our lives in ways that trickle into all these other problems.

    mentally, i struggle with this for sure...i think, how do you disciple people to care about social issues without distracting from the "main thing?"

  4. My first thought, to RC, is that we all need to make the connection between social issues and "the main thing". Glorifying Christ is whatever you do to the least "of these my brethren".

    I think we do miss the big thing when we do social change and try to hide why we are doing it. I think what Bono is doing is great. I think what Rick Warren is doing is so much better.

  5. Kudos! Bravo, excellent blog. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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