Road Trip

Tuesday night began our big move to Idaho. Thanks so much to everyone who came over to help load the Penske. We already miss ya'll! All of our stuff really fit into a 16 x 10 ft van.

Day 1:
We barely made it out of TX. It is so big! We spent the night at a campground in New Mexico.

There was a pretty scary dinosaur outside our cabin, but we didn't let that stop our fun.

Day 2:
We drove all of the way through Colorado to the border of Wyoming. Thanks Ryan for the driving tips. We saw a volcano, drove 35 mph up a mountain, and saw Pikes Peak (we think). So is that Pike's Peak? The big white hill. (see below)

Day 3:
We drove through Wyoming. A man at the gas station said, "You better be careful. Sometimes the winds on that interstate will blow trucks over."
"Oh my goodness" said me.

So we kept driving and driving and driving and driving until we reached Montana where we set up tent for the night.

Day 4:
I made it through my first night sleeping in a tent, and Bennett drove over the Continental Divide in Montana. However, I did not know because I was snoozing. We saw our first sign that gave our destination to Coeur D'Alene. "Woo Hoo!!" we said loudly. One more day to go.


  1. Yowzaa! I'm proud of you guys for...
    a) driving all that way by yourselves
    b) fitting your stuff into that truck
    c) CAMPING on the way
    You're a better woman than me, Mrs. Sanderson.

  2. Yay! I'm glad to see you guys made it, and I enjoyed the fun pics. It's like I took the journey with you...well not really. I hope yall (you're gonna miss that word) had help unloading the truck. Later, Sandersons

  3. how fun...and now you're in idaho w/ a whole bunch of stuff you're trying to figure out what to do with, and were it goes and what other new stuff you need.

    Glad you mae it safely and know that you are certainly in kim and i's prayers.

  4. You drove up Pikes peak in a Penske truck? I was in Colorado last year, and those roads were scary in a van, I can't imagine doing that in a Penske truck. Especially the areas where there were no roadside rails. Yikes. The trip looks fun.

  5. Never mind my silly comment. Just realized you couldn't drive up Pike's Peak. I thought that was quite odd. I like this blog. I shall become a faithful reader.:)


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