from Bennett

I just wanted to give a little commentary to add to Jana's post about our first week.

The reason why we were on a cruise around The Lake is very simple. Scott and his wife were invited to be on the cruise of Ironman VIP's because he is the pastor of Northstar and Northstar was providing a large number of volunteers to do stuff that no one else wanted to volunteer for. Scott could not go on the cruise because he was out buying enough Sunny Delight to serve 3,000 people the next day. So he asked us to go in his place.

The guests included, the city council, the mayor, some of the chamber of commerce, the president of Ironman, a bunch of the staff of Ironman and several no-names like us. The coolest part of it for me was getting to meet and have a conversation with David Rozelle. He won an Ironman award for "Everyday Hero" or something like that. Basically, he lost his foot in Iraq and went back into action with a fake one. And last Sunday he swam 2.4 mi. biked 112 mi. and ran 26.2 mi. With a prostetic leg. It took him less than 14 hours to complete it. The professionals with two good legs take around 8 hours! Hundreds of people take 10-17 hours. It was amazing to see these people in pain and suffering jogging toward the finish. Cray Z.

This week we are commuting over to Kingston, ID to help with the VBS. It's pretty fun. There are around 20 kids coming. I know there are many more out there who need to reach the ABC peak, if you know what I mean.


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