Sanderson Family

Hi friends,

Its been an eventful couple of weeks for the Sandersons.  God has blessed us with a new addition to our family.  Our son was born last week 8 lbs. 21 inches long.  He is a healthy baby and enjoys sleeping, eating, and long walks on the beach (in his dreams).  Thank you for all of your prayers, well-wishes, and support.

Our church family is taking great care of us, providing meals and offering to babysit Laurel when mommy needs a break.  Our regular families are making plans to visit us soon.  Jana's mom is here now for a week which is a great help and encouragement to us.  Our daughter is doing pretty good with the adjustments.  She seems to like having a little brother as long as it doesn't interfere with here accustomed way of life.

As a result of the birth I've been out of pocket for a week and I feel a little disconnected, but church was good yesterday.  We had about 70 people with several of them being new faces.  Our youth band filled in because our worship leader was out of town, and they did a great job.

Last week, we played host to a retreat for the Executive Directors and paper editors from Southern Baptist state conventions.  I attended a dinner at the local resort and sat with denominational executives from Texas, West Virginia, and North Carolina.  It was a very interesting time.  It would be great for you to remember our denominational leaders in your prayers.  There are a lot of great men and women working behind the scenes to help the church advance God's kingdom.

For NorthStar, please pray:
  • For our leaders, including the pastor, elders, staff, and Life Group leaders
  • For families in our church.  We are seeking to minister to more families with children.
  • For our cultural impact.  Pastor Gary has made many contacts in the community, pray that they will lead to kingdom advance
  • For the relationships in our church.  Pray that the church will be unified, and we will be blessed with deep intimate relationships with our brothers and sisters in Christ.


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