I resolve to do at least OPUAD in 2010

I've never made many New Year's resolutions.  Fear of commitment I guess.  Or fear of failure.  This year I think I have come up with a good one: one push-up everyday. Before you scoff please consider the following reasons for this resolution.

1.  It is attainable.  I am very good at doing push ups.  I can easily do 2 sets of 20 within 5 minutes, no problem.  So one push up doesn't bother me in the least. 

2.  It is flexible.  I can do one push up without sweating.  That way I can do it any time of day without worrying about taking an extra shower or changing clothes.  If I lay down and remember that I haven't done my OPUAD (One Push Up A Day) then I can quickly get it done without threatening my sleep pattern.

3.  It is extensible. If I decide I want to add more to the workout then I can certainly do so.  In fact I know I should do more exercise, so having the opuad in place will lay the foundation for an expanded routine.

4.  It is active.  This is not a resolution where I have to stop doing something.  It starts something new.  OPUAD won't transform my health, but it will remind me that I should be doing more healthy things.  So when I have to do the last minute push up before bed while flossing my teeth, I will be more likely to have a proper workout the next day.

Now you are wondering what this post has to do with the purpose of this blog.  I'll tell you.  As I live in Idaho there are those things that I need to be doing and then there are those things I actually get done.  It is a constant struggle for me to define "what needs to be done".  I'm not in a church with pre-defined roles that have been the same for the last 50-100 years and couldn't be changed even if you wanted to.  I'm at a place where there are few outside limits on how to do ministry.  I'm not a train on tracks, I'm a ship in the ocean.  What great freedom!  But what pressure.

Here's how I deal with it: one day at a time.  It may sound cliché, but it is so true for me.  I know that I have to listen to God one day at a time.  That's my spiritual OPUAD.  I have to listen to God everyday.  I may need to do a lot of other things too, but I must commit myself to at least listen to him ready to obey the next command.  That way, one push up at a time, God can direct me in his will.


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