It seems like August and September have flown by for us at the Sanderson home. In August my sweet friend Sheri came up for her second visit to Idaho. We had a BLAST! She is so much fun, and I miss her lots. In September L and I took a trip to the Florida for my sister's wedding. The weather was amazing, and L was a great traveling buddy.

Lately we've been preparing at NorthStar for our big youth event this Saturday. Fall was supposed to meet us yesterday, but it has decided to let summer stay for a while longer. That's ok with us, but we're looking forward to some trips to the apple orchards and watching the leaves change.

My pregnancy has been bliss so far, and most of the time I forget I am pregnant until friends ask me how I am feeling. However, in pregnancy news two good friends of mine just had little boys, my other friends are on a flight home tomorrow with their little boy they just adopted overseas, and another friend at church is due any day now (with you guessed it... a little boy). So it's the season for boys because if you haven't heard, we'll have one joining our family in February. We haven't settled on a name yet, but it will include Fenton in some way.

Here are a few pics for your viewing pleasure...

spending some time with her Nana at the beach

playing in her baby pool

enjoying the lake

visiting with Sheri and the statues

riding bikes with Papaw



  1. Poor girl - no water in her baby pool :-)

    She's a cutie with her pig tails!

  2. She is such a pretty little girl!! Can't wait to "meet" your boy - although he needs to cook a little longer!! Hope you guys are doing well!


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