Faith Like Potatoes

Faith Like Potatoes
We watched Faith Like Potatoes about a week ago. Perhaps you haven't heard of it. It came out 3 years ago. It's based on a true story about a Scottish farmer living in Africa who comes to faith in Christ and eventually leads a major prayer movement in South Africa.

Before I watched the movie I had pretty low expectations, I'm sorry to say. Christian movies have been improving over the last few years, but the best reaction I've had to a faith-based film have usually been included the phrase "...for a Christian movie." Exceptions have included and The Passion and The Nativity. But usually, it seems like movies about faith either have a preachy, yet watered-down message or they are just down right cheesy.

Faith Like Potatoes was a pleasant surprise. It is a movie that honestly talks about real-life faith in a way that is actually believable. The acting was high caliber for the most part; of course, I might have been fooled by the accents. They were pretty thick. We finally just turned on the subtitles. Speaking of accents, this is one of the few movies set in Africa that seemed like a realistic portrayal of the culture there, at least in one region. It also exposed me to African scenery that I haven't seen before.

You should definitely watch this movie. It is inspiring, entertaining, and a little bit informative.


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