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This weekend the Magees and we are going to a missionary conference hosted by NAMB in Seattle. It is an all-expense paid trip, so we are looking forward to some down time and hopefully some productive time hearing from NAMB. Plus we haven't been to Seattle.

Two people who have been attending NorthStar for a while now have decided to be baptized. The couple both come from a different faith background and want to set the record straight between them and God, so to speak. They will be making a public profession of their faith. If the weather is warm enough well do it in the lake! That will be a first for me.

Another first for me was praying a blessing over a set of shears. A lady in our church has gone through some very trying times. She has just recently finished cosmetology school and celebrated this achievement by buying a nice pair of scissors for her new career. She felt so strongly about this symbol of a new page in her story that she asked me to pray over the shears for God's blessing. How could I refuse! The same lady hosted a spaghetti lunch for our church out of gratitude for all NorthStar has done for her and her family. That is Christ's Body at work.

We are still looking for a pastor. patience...patience...


  1. Indeed, it sounds like you guys are certainly staying busy! Sure miss you (all three!), but it does seem that you are right where God would have you right now. And...the pastor thing...perhaps we'll have direct affirmation of His purposes one day, but for now: who knows what God is accomplishing through you or with you or around you or maybe even what He's just preparing you for? ...In His time.


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