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If you are a blog junkie like me, I'd like to recomend Between The Times.

It originates with some of the people from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, and tends to focus on what people are calling the "Great Commission Resurgence."

You may want to read
Answering the Call to a Great Commission Resurgence
, Jun 10th, 2008 by dannyakin before you read anything else on the blog.

Here's a taste:
Wedding a healthy, well-informed and robust theology to a consuming
passion for the evangelization of the nations, we must come together,
as never before, to carry out the final command given by King Jesus. We
may not agree on everything, but we agree on more than enough to work
together for our Lord Jesus in fulfilling the Great Commission. So,
will we live or will we die? Will we come together for life or
fracture apart in death? I make my choice for life. It is my hope and
my prayer that you will join me.


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