• Pray that God will infuse our Pastor Search Team with his Holy Spirit to lead them in the right direction
  • Pray that God will use this interim time to challenge and grow Tom and I and our families as we cling to HIM
  • Pray that God will work in the people of NorthStar to show them what it means to be a church
  • Pray for continued unity and commitment from our members
  • Pray for a million details to work themselves out properly for our Ironman Impact
  • Pray that we will get to carry out the two backyard bible clubs we are planning and that it will be fruitful ministry
  • Pray that Jana will be comfortable and healthy in the last month of her pregnancy (actually pray that we would BOTH be comfortable)
  • Pray for our family as many of them are making plans to visit us this summer


  1. Bennett, I would like for you to visit This is a blog for one of my professors at William Carey University. I know that God answers prayers and we can never have too many prayer warriors.

    Judi McQueen (Jessica's mom)


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