Sans Pastor

Well, it has been 5 Sundays now that NorthStar has been without a senior pastor. Two of those weeks Jana and I were out of town visiting family. To those of you who have been praying for us: THANKS!! Please keep it up. God is definitely listening. So far everyone seems to be in good spirits even after losing a pastor that was so well-loved. We are looking forward expectantly to what God wants to do at NorthStar and staying busy with what He's already given us to do.

At our church the Life Groups rotate cleaning and greeting responsibilities. (There is no church custodian) I think at first, groups saw this as a chore. More and more I hear stories about people showing up early and volunteering for the worst cleaning duties, namely the toilets. That may seem like an insignificant fact, but the truth is people, even people who are relatively new, are really starting to feel like this is "their church." Another example is in how we relate to guests. After the service each week I get reports from certain people in the church who have made an effort to engage someone who visited our service. Not only did they make the effort to do that, but they are also so excited to tell me about it! It is really contagious.

Oh, and how great the worship has been! I don't know how to account for this except that God is seeking to encourage us. The last two sermons were from Hebrews, and God is really speaking to me through His Word.

It just reminds me how much we need to guard ourselves, this church, our relationships. There are still many needs in our church-needs for healing and for growth-not to mention needs in our community, our state, our nation! So pleaase pray for us. And let us know how we can pray for you.


  1. WOW---what a great report! Obviously, the sort of stress Northstar is experiencing could either build or destroy...sounds to me like this church really IS a member of the body. As such, the rest of the body supports, rallies, uplifts, lends all extra resources, and generally does what is necessary to heal the injured member. Know that my prayers are with you, and that I will remind FBC-Houston to pray that Northstar finds themselves stronger and more able servants through this temporary trauma. Makes you almost want to shout like at a football game: "You Go, God!"


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