The Polar Plunge

"When the water splashed around her stomach she let out an irrepressible shriek, which mixed with the painful cries of around 1,000 other winter swimmers who hit the water at the strike of noon on New Year's Day for the Polar Bear Plunge."

That is a quote from this article in the Coeur d'Alene Press. (Warning! If you follow the link to the article there is a slightly disturbing picture of a guy in an Speedo.) There is a quote from Doug Thompson who is one of our Overseers at NorthStar. For the past five years, since before we were officially a church, NorthStar has been serving the community by showing up at the Polar Plunge with hot coffee and cocoa. This year we had around 30 volunteers to help. That's almost half our regular Sunday attendance! What could your church do if half of the people were willing to serve early on New Years day in freezing temperatures?

If you want to participate make plans to be here next year. We'll give you some hot chocolate!


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