Please follow this link to hear the latest about my sister.

She is having a baby. Maybe today maybe tomorrow. Maybe next week.

Also, please be praying for our church. There are many many needs going on. We have members facing serious illness, huge decisions, calls to missions, recovery from a broken leg, family troubles, financial difficulty and many other things that I'm sure I don't even know about. Those are different needs from different people by the way. Not just one person. So, I guess it could be worse.

Anyway, I probably am not going to fly home for my sister's delivery. Which means by the time I get home the child will already be a month old! We were planning on getting there a day before the delivery. The good thing is the doctors think that the danger is mostly over and she's made it past the 34 week mark. That means that little David or Maggie is basically ready to come out of the oven even if it is several weeks early. That also means that I might get a chance to hold the child because everyone else will just be so sick of it.

So if you haven't gone to Miriam's blog you should read the last couple of posts. One is from her and one is from her husband who is serving his second tour in Iraq.


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