So here's some great news. At a meeting with the zoning commission our church got approved for a special use permit. That means we get to build a church in a R-1 zone. There were actually some neighbors who complained about the placement of the building so we are repositioning it. I think they may wish it had been left the other way but whatever.

What all that means is, the city government has given the nod for us to move ahead with the basic plans we have submitted. I'm not sure what the next step is other than raise about $500,000 more dollars! Please be praying that each move our church decides to make is strictly according to God's plan.

Also, please be praying for a group of high school students I've started meeting with. One of our students has orchestrated a group of teens that are interested in learning all about the Bible, but might not be comfortable going to a "church group". Pray that there will be continued interest and that our conversations will be meaningful and fruitful.

AND, pray for Globe Outreach. There are a lot of changes going on with that ministry. We have added some partnerships overseas and are building some strategic partnerships in the US. You can watch www.globeoutreach.org for details as they become public.

Finally, we have a couple of unspoken prayer requests for you to lift up when you think of us.

And by-the-way, if you have any questions about what's going on here that we're not answering on this blog or in our occasional newsletters, please feel free to ask in an email, comment or phone call. We want our supporters to know that you are very much part of this ministry. We are daily supported by God's people praying and providing for us.


  1. sounds like some good stuff is going on.

    that's really neat about the group of high schoolers meeting together. i think there's TONS of potential there for God to do some amazing things. I will pray that God directs and inspires that time.


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