In two weeks teenagers all around the world will gather at their schools for a time of prayer for their generation.

On Wednesday the 26th of September I hope you will be praying with them. On that day I hope you are praying for the students in your community who face a world full of confusion and chances to make bad decisions.

This week, why don't you take some time to pray for the students in my neck of the woods? Teenagers in North Idaho seem to face drugs, depression, crime, abuse, and violence to a much larger degree than our lightly populated and idealic setting warrants. Could be the lack of good professional jobs, could be the drug traffic through Canada, could be the cold dark winters, the lack of strong extended-family bonds, the deficits in education, the angry native-american spirits inhabiting our land. Could be those things. Of course, it could be a lack of hope through Jesus the Christ. What else could it be?


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