Camping, Prayer, and Fireworks

This past weekend we were invited by a church family to go camping with them. For them this is an annual Labor Day weekend tradition. They go down to St. Mary's camp for a few days and watch the Paul Bunyan Days fireworks show. We had a wonderful time. The campground we stayed at is right on the St. Joseph river and it was beautiful. We stayed in a tent and spent our days talking, eating, fishing, swimming or just relaxing.

St. Mary's is a town of about 2,500 people. So you may not believe me when I say that it was the best fireworks I have ever seen, but believe me, it was! I don't know how to describe fireworks, but there were tens of thousands of people watching with me so just ask them.

Sunday we heard about prayer, specifically as it relates to ministers. It was really great. As a result, I really would like to work on our prayer support raising. I know we have many people praying for us, but we are not as connected to them as directly as we should be. In other words, I don't really know when or how people are praying and they don't know exactly what they should be praying for or if their prayers have been answered. So, we're working on it!

By the way, Globe Outreach's website has been relaunched. Check out to see the changes to the site and to the ministry.


  1. Well im gonna step up and say that I pray for you guys. I pray for you at church, when i come to this site, or when someone mentions potatoes! I pray for the needs that get expressed through this site, your updates, and people that have talked with yall. love ya


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