Please Pray for Three

That's how many more people we need to go with us to Canada for a mission trip we are doing. Just pray that God will work out the circumstances, finances, and human hearts that need to change.

That's also how many days we have until our baptism service. We just got word the our guest speaker probably won't be able to make it. But God is good. Pray that this will be a great time for our church to grow closer and stronger as we watch believers publicly portray their identity with the death, burial and resurrection of Christ.

That just also happens to be the number of families that make up the staff of NorthStar AND the number of families that met last week at Globe Outreach's first annual staff retreat. Please pray for our relationships on these teams as we seek to serve God in community.


  1. Will pray.

    B went to Canada on a mission trip this summer. To Calgary. To help with a church plant. Where will you be going?

  2. It'll work out!! The Lord will provide the exact speaker for Sunday and it will be the individual whom the new babes in Christ will need to hear. Will pray!

    P.S. I stole y'alls blog design, but I modified mine...sorry!


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