We took a vacation from North Idaho and visited family.  It was great.  We got to see so many people and even attend a wedding of an old friend.  Now we are back in Idaho working with NorthStar church.  There are a lot of exciting things going on at the church.  After discussions with the Pastor Search Team and much prayer and consideration, they have decided to ask the church to vote on calling me to be the lead pastor of NorthStar Church.  This past Sunday I preached "in view of a call" and answered questions from members after the service.  Next Sunday the church will vote on whether or not they believe it is God's will for me to be the lead pastor.

It is an interesting and, for me, a unique situation.  I've sought a lot of counsel and tried to proceed with wisdom through this potentially tricky situation.  What I've learned is that often there is no such thing as a sure thing.  Any decision we make could go wrong or lead to risk and trouble.  There comes a point after all the doubt and questioning that you simply have to submit and trust God to do what he will.  So at this point I am at peace whatever may happen.

The Summer is ending and there are still a lot of people traveling and working in one last weekend get away while the weather still allows, but there are also new families visiting the church.  This time of year as kids get back in school people start looking for a church, I guess.  It was great this Sunday to see a full class of kids leaving the sanctuary for kids' worship time.  In the past we've had one or two, or none!  I don't know if God will lead these families to join our church or continue attending, but we cannot claim that he's not giving us opportunities to impact people.

Please pray for our church and my family.  There are many many unanswered questions and uncertain possibilities floating around right now.  Ask God to grant us patience and wisdom.  And as the time is right to give us the energy and abilities we will need to accomplish his great work.


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