Why its hard to trust the media Part 2

Back in February I did a couple of posts complaining about the actions of the American media regarding a team of humanitarian workers in Haiti.

I just wanted to follow up and basically say, "I was right." It now seems that the media got every major detail of the story wrong. They were very quick to capitalize on the plight of the workers when it was easy to cloud the facts, but now that details are easily attainable there has been no attempt by the mainstream media to set the record straight.

To read about it for yourself check out theBridge. Pastor Paul Thompson, one of the workers who was arrested, has done several posts about his experience. Since the final worker was released he has been featured in an article in the Baptist Press and in an interview with the Good News Network. You can listen or download the interview in three parts below.
You could accuse Paul of making it all up, I suppose. But if there were a reliable media doing a thorough job covering this story, they could easily find documents and witnesses to either corroborate or contradict his story. As it stands I find Paul's story much more plausible than anything I saw on CNN.com or any other media outlet.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Bennett,
    I'm thankful to God for your, undeserving, kindness and support. I have spoken to most of the secular media outlets and even offered pictures, contacts and timeline corrections and all have thus far not been interested. However the BBC is investigating some things for me right now.

    In Christ,



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