Welcome to our Church: "A Great Place to Suffer"

This morning I read a post at Bridge Bloggin' just as I was thinking over what the vision for our church should be. "Vision" is one of those words that everybody uses but almost never defines. By "vision" I simply mean how we define, pursue and present our mission. So reading the post got me to thinking about appropriate church slogans. You know, church slogans--those short pithy statements that come after the name of the church to remind everyone what is most important to you. Most churches have them. "Real, Relevant, Relational" is popular. "First Church, First Love" is another I've heard. Some churches borrow from Cheers "The place where everybody knows your name."

Anyway, most church slogans are positive, catchy and geared toward making the church sound like a place where happy people come to be happy together. What if your church had a slogan like, "1st Ave Church: A great place to suffer!" Or how about, "Green Hill Church: Where sinners gather escaping the wrath of God in the blood of Jesus!" I could think of more. I don't know how effective those would be, but they are theologically descriptive of what I believe the church should be.

Would you go to a church with the slogan, "Making sense out of the pain of the world."?


  1. Since we are a "Loving Country Church" I could not fathom changing the slogan...just kidding. You would think that truth in advertising would be required for churches or maybe it is and we are just not following the rules.

    I must say we are a loving church, but why not be more real about what our church is in our slogans.


  2. I wonder what the 1st Century Corinthian Church's slogan would have been.

    "We're Not the worst church ever. But we're close!"

  3. I'd definitely consider visiting a "church with the slogan, 'Making sense out of the pain of the world.'"


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