A Weekend to Remember

This past weekend Bennett and I had the opportunity to go to the Weekend to Remember Marriage conference. Family Life invites full-time church staff and their wives to attend this conference free of charge, and these conferences take place all over the country. This weekend we along 400 other couples joined together at the Coeur d'alene Resort to invest in our marriages. For us this was a time of refreshment and renewal; however, there were couples attending in which this past weekend was their last resort. Here are some truths that God implanted into my heart:

1. Bennett is my gift from God- the moment I said "I do" he became that gift

2. If our marriage isn't intentionally moving towards ONENESS then we are moving apart

Six months after we were married God moved our new family to Idaho. God reminded me this weekend one of the reasons He moved us. Here in Idaho, thousands of miles away from friends and family I have had the privilege of becoming one with my husband. I have learned to depend on him and love and appreciate him more and more each day. There are lessons we have learned as a family here that would have taken a lot longer in a more comfortable place.

In a few weeks (December 30th), we'll celebrate four years of marriage. I am proud of that and very excited about what the future holds for our family together as we serve Christ. Our prayer is that the world would know God through our love and commitment to each other.

* the picture above is from our wedding when Bennett surprised me by singing "Make us One" with my friend Amy Nobles


  1. Jana, that's very sweet. I know what you mean about the movie to Idaho - God did some amazing things for Kim & I by moving us away from safety when we moved to FL.


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