pigtails and lessons from little girls

Yesterday while I was fixing L's hair God taught me a lesson. She is easily distracted sometimes. While I fix her hair I usually have to give her something to play with (book, doll, pony-tail holders, etc...). I was about to let her know that after we finished her hair then we'd go brush her teeth, but something stopped me. I knew if I told her that we were going to brush her teeth then off she'd go to the bathroom, forgetting the present circumstances she was involved in (ex. pig-tails).

By the way if you don't know, she LOVES to brush her teeth, and she really loves sucking off her Dora the Explorer toothpaste. The same thing happens when I say we are going to go outside, she runs for the back door most of the time without her shoes.

Then I thought of how I am exactly the same in my relationship with God. I would love to have the plans for the next few years, but God knows I can't handle that. If he gave me a 10 year plan, there I'd be off to the "back door" to the next thing forgetting and loosing focus of where He has me now.

This week in our small group we're talking about how God speaks by the Holy Spirit through prayer, circumstances, His Word, and the Church. Yesterday God spoke to me through my little girl, and I'm thankful that He still speaks.


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