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Sister-in-law reminded me that we haven't updated the blog in a while. So here is a quick update.

Jana is doing well. She is officially "showing", and is as cute as ever! She's doing great as a mommy. I think her and Laurel make a great team. Although I feel like sometimes Laurel thinks this is her world and mommy and daddy are just her support team. Its hard not to spoil someone so cute. At 13 months old she is showing lots of personality. She is walking and almost running. She loves to laugh, eat bananas, and point to eyes wherever she sees them. Yes, she points to eyes. We don't know why. But she loves to do it while enunciating the word "eye" over and over.

At NorthStar we are gearing up for our Fall Life Group Season Kick Off Extravaganza. I just made that name up. Seriously though we are getting organized to take our small group ministry we call "Life Groups" (creative I know) to the next level. The ministry has been successful at NorthStar in spite of the fact that few of us knew what we were doing! The next step for us is to help our leaders become more than just teachers or facilitators. We want them to be shepherds. We want them to care for their group like it is God's little flock of sheep. And we want our Life Groups to be Gospel subcommunities within the unified community of NorthStar.

So pray for me as I learn and lead at the same time in the area of Life Groups. Also, Sept. 6 I'll be preaching at Crossroads Baptist Church in Rose Lake, Idaho.

And now for what you really wanted. This is a cute picture of my daughter and her friend.


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