The View From Where I Stand -- Corrected

**This text was originally meant to appear along with the first Dec. 5th post that included a picture of Coeur d'Alene I took while hiking on Tubbs Hill.**

That is Coeur d'Alene. The two-humped mountain in the middle of the
horizon is Rathdrum mountain near my house. Up here I am by myself,
but it is impossible to feel alone. I do feel more connected to God,
but I also feel more connected to this community. It's as if I feel, by
seeing this scene, that thing which everyone is looking for. And so we
are bound to each other by our searching, by our homelessness in a
strange and beautiful world of pain and peace. We all are toiling day
after day with a lump in our throat and excitement in our chest vaguely
aware of all the possibilities--distracted by choice or by necessity,
from that something that we know needs our attention.


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