lessons learned

It was a little over 5 years ago that God took me on the adventure of a lifetime to the Middle East. I was sharing with a new friend about that time today when she commented, "Your life must have been changed there." It was.

It was first in preparing for that trip where God revealed himself to me as Provider. I remember the day I brought in the mail to receive all of the money I needed to travel overseas ($1500). Moving to Idaho God continues to confirm His provision, and I am amazed.

It was also there that I sat in a native families home and asked myself, "What am I doing here? Is singing songs, baking bread, and teaching English really going to matter in light of eternity?" It was months later until I saw the fruit of those days when the father of the family became a believer of Christ.

There are days in Idaho (too many to name) I also wonder why are we here so far away from family and friends and what really is our purpose. Then I remember His call. I remember the lessons learned in the Middle East and how God is always at work.


  1. Jana (and Bennett),
    God must have kept me from my sleep with the two (no, make that three) of you. I know that the sole sufficiency of our Redeemer can sustain you in your days wherever he will have you.

    We (Renee and I) have wondered many times before about why we must be so far away from family. My emotional being cries with pain when I think of the things we have 'missed' by being so far away, and I have had to even learn to fight off my (selfish) wondering if my brother's even know where Idaho is?

    I prayed for you this evening. Thank you for obeying the call of God upon your lives.

    I did not write the words to this song. But God brought it to my mind about you guys as you encouraged me with you thoughts.

    "It's my confession Lord,
    That I am weak, so very weak,
    but you are strong!
    And though I have nothing Lord,
    To lay at Your feet,
    I come to Your feet and say, 'help me along'.

    A broken heart and a contrite spirit,
    You have yet to deny,
    Your heart of mercy,
    beats with love's strong current.
    Let Your mercy flow, by Your Spirit now.

    Let Your mercy flow from heaven,
    Your sweet mercy flow from heaven."



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