The second week of snow

I have now lived in snow longer than ever before. Not that there was a large reccord to beat. I guess the most days of snow I've ever seen was maybe four. Even then I was on a mission trip in Indianapolis. But here we have had 12 days with a significant amount of snow on the ground. The temps are ranging a few degrees above freezing now, but the snow is still several inches deep.

We did get a chance to go skiing last week. As we rode up the ski lift into the fog we really felt like we were riding into Narnia or some other magical winter wonder land. It was so beautiful. Click to Enlarge

I snowboarded and Jana skiied. We both took the lessons that were included in the package we bought. I ate a lot of snow, but eventually started having fun. I can't wait until you come visit so we can ski lookout pass together.

See ya on Huckleberry Ridge.


  1. Hmmmm...coming to ski....good idea!

  2. B/J...Just found your blog address and took a cruise to enjoy the stories and pictures. Ooh, I'd love to go skiing with you...just wouldn't care for the cold that much. Anyway, looks like y'all are doing great and really enjoying the life and ministry to which God has called you. Awesome! Blessings...Ron

  3. i love skiing... that looks so beautiful and it sounds like you guys had a wonderful time together. you're skiing and we go beaching, kinda crazy :-) i have to admit that i'd rather be skiing.


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