Thanksgiving Trip

Here are some images from our trip back home during Thanksgiving. Actually we went to Birmingham, Houston, and Hattiesburg.

That sweet tea didn't stand a chance.

We helped decorate Sue and Floyd's Christmas tree. I still think it needs more color.

Emma and I are trying out for the next L.L. Bean catalog.

Here the younger folks are discussing
how things have changed since we were kids.

This was supposed to be a leaf pile, but it is actually a stack of pine needles. Sandy didn't care. She did get a little sappy.

This is probably right before the second half of the Fenton bowl.

Jerry's team makes their game plan

The Fenton boys have now taken up rocketry.
This is the first attempt at hydrogen fuel for energy.

Thanks to our families for feeding us and encouraging us this Thanksgiving. We love you!


  1. LOVE the pics! It's "snowing" in Fort Worth today. It was 80 yesterday. Go figure!

  2. I made the blog...I made the blog...I made the blog!!!!

    Thanksgiving was fun! I miss times where playing with leaves was THE thing to do.

    Good to see ya'll :)

  3. Sure was great to have ya'll back in Missip' for a few days. Thanks for sharing you time with us! BTW, winter arrived here last night, so you're not the only ones who are cold now. Love the pics and love ya'll!

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    I do not know what to give for Christmas of the to friends, advise something ....

  5. looks like you guys had a wonderful time with family! how fun!

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