Dispatch from the MLC

We are currently sitting at the library of the Missionary Learning Center in Richmond, Virginia. We arrived last night close to midnight. All I can say is, "This is so cool!"

The "compound" is on a massive plot of land in the hill country. We went through two security gates and down a very long entrance drive to get to the campus. It is surrounded by pastureland with cows, trees, creeks, and a large pond. The leaves are turning and while they are not as brightly colored as the ones we left in North Idaho, the trees are beautiful, old and seem much more "treeish" to me.

We are very excited to be here and see what God is doing. Prospective Jman, Masters, and ISC missionaries are here this week too. It's neet to get to see first hand, what we have heard so many people talk about.We are here meeting with an IMB consultant who is in charge of helping state conventions mobilize churches to be mission focused. We get to represent North Idaho.


  1. how fun...i hope it's an amazing experience and that God uses this time to communicate more about his plans for your lives.

    --RC of strangeculture.blogspot.com

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  3. One of my college roommates is there right now with her husband and daughter being trained to go on the field in January as career missionaries. Their name is Frealy . . . you ought to look them up if you have a chance.


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